New Dawn Wiki

New Dawn adds a system in which the player can capture pirates and enslave them. To do this, First you will need to gather the required resources to craft a drug enlaced arrow (green tipped arrow in the weapon crafting window), as well as a wooden cage to contain the pirate until he is fully enslaved. When you come close to the area where the pirate is, first place the cage you will need to keep him in. Then you shoot him with the special arrows until he faints. (Be careful, too many drugged arrows too fast, and the pirates heart might not be able to handle it) Once he is down for the count, approach him and add him to the cage. Run back to the cage and wait until he wakes up. Then shoot him again until he goes down for the second time. You will now be able to approach him and add him as your slave.

From this point, you have to maintain your slaves' health by feeding him and curing any illnesses he may contract. A slave will be able to guard and defend the masters base or he can be set to follow and guard the master himself. He can be equipped with tools, weapons or clothes.