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New Dawn is a survival sandbox open-world multiplayer game set on an island during the golden age of piracy.

Vicious pirates land on an unknown South American island, wreaking havoc everywhere. These seamen are brutal and pitiless. Fighting them off will be no easy feat! A new dawn will rise for the island inhabitants.

The peaceful life they have led until now will be no more. They will have to do everything in their power to remain undetected and to survive.

But every cloud has a silver lining... The island inhabitants will discover new building techniques, weapons, and other tools useful for survival and protection.

The main character is an island native who builds villages, uses natural resources in his quest for survival, and learns how to defend himself from the attacks of the pirates who have landed on the island looking for riches.
Open world survival
Single-player, Co-op, PvP
Platforms and Release dates
Early access: September 10, 2018
Sales suspended: November 15, 2019
Work in progress development #3 - - 2019/02/07 15:45
Patch V - - 2019/01/14 21:13
Work in progress development #2 - - 2018/12/28 13:30
Patch V - - 2018/12/11 20:28

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