New Dawn Wiki

Resources are cruicial in the everyday life and can be found around most of the island, in different concentrations. They need to be collected in order to create villages, tools, weapons as well as clothes, equipment and even down to just basic survival.

Different minerals and wood are needed for various crafting operations and are collected by using an axe. Some of these are used as they are when first collected, while others need to be further refined using a furnace to yield more specialized items like metal fragments from iron ore and high quality metal from the Gold ore.

Other resources like plants can be collected even without any tools, but need to be combined and refined in different ways, following instructions in the crafting menu.

Meat, leather,bone fragments and animal fats can be obtained either by hunting big game or trapping smaller animals and collecting their remains later. Hunting is more risky and takes more effort from the player, but yields a lot larger returns than for example trapping chicken and rabbits. Benefit of trapping is that you can set it and use your time on other activities until the animals are caught.

Some animals live in symbiosis with the player and yield their resources without needing to offer their lifes. One example of this are the birds that make their home in the bird cages players craft and place out. While living there, birds shed some of their feathers, which player then can collect and use in crafting.