New Dawn Wiki

Non-player characters, or NPCs, exist in the form of pirates and different wild animals. Pirates can be found at two major camps on the island, as well as in a few outposts scattered around the island. The major camps have their position marked in the overhead navigational bar and are easy to find by following the red or blue icons symbolising two crossed arrows. To locate the outposts, you will need to gear up and go explore. In both the camps and the outposts, the pirates will be patroling the area, attacking anyone that tries to enter their domain and loot their chests. Their love for rum will result in many empty bottles scattered around the camp, and these are useful for both gathering water and making the molotov cocktail. In addition to the bottles, a lot of food is left behind after the pirates and this is particularly handy source of nutrition. Choose your food, certain items will be more effective in soothing your hunger and thirst than others. More on these in item category.

The pirates can also be enslaved by preparing some arrows laced with psychoactive drugs and a cage to keep the pirate in while he is being turned into slave.

Wildlife aka Animals Can be found roaming in different areas of the island. Some will appear in smaller numbers, leasurely grazing and hunting in their territories, while others are gathered in larger herds. Deer and bisons will generally be gentle and try to run away when danger appears, while Wolves, Bears and Aligators will not be as forgiving. They will attack you mercilesly, so be prepared to handle them!

Other animals need to be lured in by setting out traps. Chicken and rabbits will be attracted to those and caught if they wander underneath the trap and set it off. You can also hunt them near the traps if you do not have the time or patience to wait for the traps to do their thing.

The nightfall is said to attract some mythical creatures too. Keep a watchull eye out for Red glowing eyes in the dark!