Zerniless is a great forested realm, the easternmost extent of the Empire of Night. It is a long, narrow realm, running from the southwestern border with Hanist to the northeastern border with the lands of the Fae Court. The Empire prosecutes a second front in the war against the Dwarven Safeholds from Zerniless, but it is low priority effort at the end of the Imperial supply chain.

Zerniless' most prominent feature is the heavily forested Keveteen Sema, a large peninsula with a heavy concentration of refugee Tzavarim and Minotaurs. North of the Keveteen Sema is the Keveteen Basin, a second peninsula covered in swampland and populated by nomadic Reptilians.

Zerniless has two prominent rivers: The Vodow runs from Vodowmost in the south to Yandum and the Keve Bay, and the nearby Cerna River runs into the Keveteen Basin. The Gedo river is a glorified creek that defies part of the border with the Fae Court.


Zerniless has a population of 450,000, not including the refugees in the Keveteen Sema and Keveteen Basin. Much of the population lives along the Imperial Road or in the coastal cities. Kobold miners are common in the southern mountains along the Menkgu border, while the northern mountains are a dangerous war zone.

Around 50,000 Dynfarches live in the Keveteen Sema as rambunctious but mostly loyal servants of the Emperor. All of their young adults serve at least one term in Imperial Service, chasing down Minotaurs and Tzavarim, and many serve until they're infirm. Veterans return to their villages to raise the next generation and sometimes chase refugees for their own twisted amusement.

Around 25,000 Minotaurs lived in the Keveteen Sema before October 508, but gratefully accepted The Liberation's offer to resettle in Hanist. Another 20,000 Reptilians would also like to move out of the Keveteen Basin, though Gravecall created a magical barrier to pin them in and eventually exterminate them.

City Population Notes City Population Notes
Karlmost 18,000 Capitol Naderhn Villed 14400
Novyrada 13000 Military logistics center for the legion at Michinowari Cernabazina 8000
Yandum 5000 Vodowmost 5000

Military RecruitmentEdit

The following elements can be recruited in Zerniless at these troop qualities:

Element Troop Quality Race Notes
Battle or Support Mages Inferior Human 1 per 50 elements
Battle or Support Mages Average Tzavarim at most 1 per month after allying with the Tzavarim
Bowmen Average Human
Heavy Artillery Poor Human
Heavy Infantry Average Human
Light Artillery Average Human
Kobold Light Infantry Inferior Kobold
Light Infantry Average Human
Medium Infantry Average Human
Kobold Miner Good Kobold
Miner Average Human Inferior if recruited outside of hill or mountain areas
Ogres Average Minotaur Must contact Minotaurs.
Pikemen Average Human
Reptilian Scryguard Average Reptilians No more than 250; must contact Reptilians in the Keveteen Basin first
Ultraheavy Infantry Average Minotaur Must contact Minotaurs

Unlike neighboring Hanist, Zerniless has no strong tradition of Militia service or rebellion. However, the rugged terrain means that anyone who wants to join the Resistance, or just train in fighting, can easily do so outside the prying eyes of the Orcs. The base level for levies is Rabble++, or Rabble in the cities.

The Reptillians start at Disarmed Irregulars, and as usual for Reptilians, can provide Scryguard units of exceptional quality.