Gender: Female
Age: Ageless
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Silver-blond.
Eye Color: Purple
Species: Elf

Whitemist was one of the Luminals in Hanist. Duzen Iken, her former castle, is located about 70 miles southeast of Grimstut near the town of Oferartan on the Helin River in Dorget County.

Whitemist was an archmage and researcher into magic. Duzen Iken holds the Black Library, a collection of tomes and treatises on Dark Magic. Whitemist was very interested in teleportation, and used several powerful variations of Walk Between Worlds.

She was arrogant and dismissive of the Resistance and did not seem to care about the well-being of orcs at all.

Whitemist left with the Orc legions on February 15, 508 ANI. The Black Library was left unguarded beyond the local orc garrison (2nd company of the Pale Hands), some magical traps, and a quartet of crystal golems.

Whitemist was killed by the Resistance on April 30th, 508 ANI. She was blinded by Nayla's arrows and then Himmel smashed her off the edge of a cliff with his magic mace Diamanter.

Physical Description

Whitemist was a tall elf woman with golden blonde hair and tawny skin. She had extremely pleasing facial features, with prominent cheekbones and a heart shaped face. Pictures of her show her with bright violet eyes. Her voice was an extremely melodious contralto.

In public, Whitemist wore black segmented plate, chased with mithril. The helmet was nearly featureless, except the eyeslit ran all the way around the helmet and was protected by a fine mithril wire grid. The front of the helmet had a single low spike.

Whitemist wore a longsword on the left hip, and two more long swords floated in the air near the Luminal at all times.

Known Abilties

Whitemist could teleport under unknown circumstances. Both extremely long range (1000+ miles) and short range tactical teleports were possible. Current Liberation theory is that she used variants of Walk Between Worlds.

Whitemist had a powerful mind-reading/mind-probe spell that can affect multiple victims at once and disables them while the spell is operating. It is not clear how long she could maintain the spell, but it appears she could cannot do anything else while the spell is in effect, and the spell could not quickly be recast after being used once.

Her namesake spell was the Deathmist, a persistent, thick white fog that could suck the life force from its victims and use it to heal her.