Venrike was once a province of Hanist that was left to its own devices during a period of retrenchment. It remained as a pastoral country of little note until being conquered by the Empire of Night.

Venrike is located between Hanist and the Dodenrike. It shares it's northeastern border with Menkgu.

The Stines Creek runs north from Duptblid until it becomes the Stines River at Elvhaven. It eventually empties into Lake Orent.


Venrike is sparsely populated, with just over 100,000 peasants. Nearly two-thirds of the population lives in the southern hills or coastal plain. Most of the rest herd cattle or horses on the northern plain. Venrike has no major cities, though the harbor town of Hoyhuffen almost qualifies.

Shatterstone's Tomb is located on the northern edge of the southern hills, hidden in a cave behind a no-mana zone.

Military RecruitmentEdit

The following elements can be recruited in Venrike at these troop qualities:

Element Troop Quality Race Notes
Battle Mages Poor Human 1 per 50 elements
Bowmen Poor Human
Cataphracts Poor Human Only in the northwest
Heavy Artillery Poor Human
Heavy Cavalry Poor Human
Heavy Infantry Poor Human
Horse Archers Poor Human
Light Artillery Poor Human
Light Cavalry Poor Human
Light Infantry Poor Human
Medium Cavalry Poor Human
Medium Infantry Poor Human
Pikemen Poor Human
Scout Cavalry Poor Human

Unlike neighboring Hanist, Venrike has no strong tradition of Militia service or rebellion. The northern plains make it nearly impossible to train without the orcs noticing, and even in the southern hills, few people make the effort to train. Levies raised from the northern plains are Rabble+ with cavalry, and Levies raised from the southern hills are Rough Wardens.