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The Tzavarim (used as both a singular and plural) are a forest-dwelling race driven into hiding by the Empire of Night. They were persecuted mercilessly during the Great War, and the remaining Tzavarim have become insular nomads, rarely leaving the forest and generally unwilling to deal with outsiders. A handful of Tzavarim have been sent out to help The Liberation after a treaty was negotiated granting them land in southern Engenstut County.

Outsiders often believe that Tzavarim are a type of Elves or Fae but the Tzavarim reject this belief.

Physical Description Edit

Tzavarim range from 7 to 10 feet tall, with slender bodies; their faces have broad, coarse features with very wide, rounded ears and large almond-shaped eyes that glow in varying shades of red, yellow, or orange.

Society Edit

Racial Template Edit

Tzavarim [35] Edit

IQ +1 [15]
Per +1 [10]
Night Vision 6 [6]
Parabolic Hearing 1 [4]
Perfect Balance [15]
Telescopic Vision [5]
Trance Sleep [1]
Hidebound [-5]
Increased SM +1 [-10]
Skinny [-5]
Distinctive Features (Glowing Eyes) [-1]

Figure the height and weight of a Tzavarim as though they were a human of average weight; then multiply height by 50% while leaving weight unchanged.

Optional Traits Edit