The Thondyn are a type of Seelie Fae. They are a fairly plentiful type, and have few nobles for their numbers. Thondyns are master hunters among the Fae, tracking and killing prey to put food in the larders. They also serve as rangers in the military, scouring the woods for enemies of the Faerie Queen.

Thondyns prefer to stay among trees, as they are so light weight that strong winds blow them around. They avoid melee combat whenever they can, preferring to use their uncanny accuracy to engage at range.

Thondyns in general tend to be kind and generous, willing to aid others and feeling bad when they can't. Despite their soft nature, they are as dangerous to cross as any other Fae.

Thondyns are uncommon among the Fae at about 5% of the population. They have few nobles and gentry but more than Leprechauns or Dynfarches.

Physical Description Edit

Thondyns look like anorexic humans. They tend to have wood brown skin and faded green hair, but some clans have paler skin or have brown or auburn hair.

Racial TemplateEdit

Thondyn [15]
ST +3 [15]
DX +2 [40]
Perception +1 [15]
Extra Move +2 [10]
Stick Hunter Talent 2 [10]
Shadow Form (Always On; Can Carry Heavy Objects +100%) [0]
Terrain Adaption (Forest) [5]
Good with Snakes [1]
HP -4 [-8]
Fae Mana Dependency [-25]
Fragile (Brittle) [-15]
Skinny [-5]
Vulnerability (Knockback Damage, x4, Knockback Only -50%) [-20]
Weakness (High Winds, 1d/second, Knockback Only -80%] [-8]
Stick Hunter covers Bow, Spear Thrower, Stealth, Throwing, Thrown Weapon (Dart, Knife, Stick), and Tracking. It gives +1/level to Per rolls to keep track of a specific quarry you’ve already spotted using other skills.
Thondyn take an effective 2d of knockback per second that they're in strong winds, and prefer to stay among trees where they can anchor themselves down easily. They take half damage from all other physical attacks, but effectively double knockback.

Determine a Thondyn's height and weight from the Build Table (B18) by looking up ST before the racial modifier. Take the height as normal but divide weight by 2: the average Thondyn is between 5'3 and 6'1" tall and weighs 40 to 60 lbs.

Optional Traits Edit

Acute Senses and Faerie Indomitable are common positive traits among the Thondyn. Compulsive Generosity, Guilt Complex, and Phobia: Open Spaces are common negative traits, with most Thondyns having at least one, if not all three.

Mass Combat Notes Edit

Thondyns serve the Fae Queen in the Fae Rangers corps.