Name: The Guardian

Appearance: A 15' tall man, made of solid gray granite with emeralds for eyes. Its jaw has been shattered and its left arm torn off. Its surface is carved to resemble stylized plate armor.

[[ |thumb|350x350px]]
The Guardianl
Gender: Indeterminate
Age: 600+
Height: 15'3"
Weight: 900 lbs
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Emerald
Species: Stone Golem

The Guardian is a stone golem, created before the founding of the Empire of Night. It served the family that owned the castle of Costvud in Hanist and sacrificed itself during the family's desperate retreat from Orc forces. It remained buried under the castle for centuries before being recovered by the Resistance in April 508 ANI.

The Golem has been badly damaged over its decades of service. It's jaw has been shattered, rendering its speech nigh unintelligible, and its left arm was ripped off at some point. Ariana Rees has attempted to repair it, but the gifts of the Forge God do not extend to animated stone masonry.

Even in its damaged state, the Guardian is the single most powerful individual in the Liberation Army. Its stone body is nigh-invulnerable, it runs faster than most horses, it is as strong as forty men, and it can throw boulders with enough force to shatter castle walls. It is definitely opposed to the Empire and seems to enjoy punting Goblins.

It is difficult to communicate with the Guardian. It can't speak, and although it's literate, it has little patience with writing for extended periods. It has revealed almost nothing of its background, especially who created it and how.

Attributes [95]
ST 90 (Size 2 -20%) [40] (includes +70 ST from Giant Stone Golem)
DX 11 [20]
IQ 11 [15]
HT 14 [0] (includes +4 HT from Giant Stone Golem)
Hit Points 90
Will 11 [10]
Perception 11 [10]
Fatigue Points NA
Basic Lift 1620
Damage 10d/12d
Basic Speed 6.25
Basic Move 12
Ground Move 18
Advantages [701]
Giant Stone Golem [701]
Damage Resistance 30 [150]
Doesn't Breathe [20]
Doesn't Eat or Drink [20]
Doesn't Sleep [20]
Enhanced Ground Move +1/2 [10]
Extra Basic Move +6 [30]
Extra ST +70 (Size +2 -20%) [280]
Extra HT +4 [40]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Injury Tolerance (Homogeneous, No Blood) [45]
Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30]
Perk: Striking Surface [1]
Perk: Stony [1]
Fragile (Brittle) [-15]
Hidebound [-5]
Increased Size +2 [-20]
Low Empathy [-15]
Cannot Float [-1]
Perks [1]
Ramming Speed [1]
Disadvantages [-35]
Cannot Speak [-15]
Intolerance: Luminals [-5]
One Arm [-15]
Quirks [-2]
Likes punting goblins [-1]
Gets impatient when writing [-1]
Skills [55]
Axe/Mace DX/A - DX+7 18 [28]
Brawling D/X - DX+3 14 [8]
Engineering (Combat) IQ/H - IQ+1 12 [8]
Shield DX/E - DX+5 16 [16]
Throwing DX/A - DX+3 14 [12]
Soldier IQ/A - IQ+1 12 [4]
Techniques [2]
Hitting Little People (Brawling) +2 [1]
Kicking (Brawling) +0 [1]
Total 839
9" steel wedge on the end of a 8' pole (ie, "hand ax"): Axe/Mace-16, 12d+10 cu or 12d+9 cr, Reach 1-3. 40 lbs.
Goblin punting Kick: Brawling-12, 10d+5 cr, R 1-3.
Body Slam: Brawling-12, 16d+1 cr, R0.
150 lb boulder (4' in diameter): Throwing-14, 12d cr, Acc 0, max range 315 yards.

The Guardian is not quite officially a hero unit, lacking the necessary skill, but is treated as a Poor Quality Giants Hero unit anyway.