Reptilians come in many varieties, but the general theme is a bipedal lizard between 5' and 7' tall.

The Empire of Night used to persecute reptillians with great fervor, but have generally reduced any reptilian civilization to a handful of savage tribals living a hunter-gatherer existence in swamps of Zerniless and the deserts of Menkgu. The reptilians are not thriving under such conditions, but they are much better at living in a swamp or desert than the Orcs are at chasing them through a swamp or desert, and so the Orcs generally no longer make an effort. Reptilians who are foolish enough to try settling down, and especially those who attempt metal-working, soon attract the attention of the Orcs again and massacred.


Reptilians live in TL0+1 hunter-gatherer tribes of a few hundred to slightly over a thousand, divided into family subgroups. Tribes are led, at various times depending on the situation, by shamans, warchiefs, or senior hunters.

Reptilian shamans are oral historians with a depressingly easy syllabus: almost all knowledge of magic and theology has been stamped out of reptilian culture. The shamans know a little herb lore and a smattering of superstition.

In general, Reptilians would love to move out the wastelands they live in now, resettle in places with plentiful clean water, stop having to fight orcs, and recover their lost culture and technology. They are cynical about the odds of that ever happening.

Reptilians have sibilant names of two syllables.

Racial TemplateEdit

Reptilian [40]
+1 ST [5]
Acute Taste and Smell 2 [4]
Claws (Sharp) [5]
Damage Resistance 2 (Tough Skin) [6]
Discriminatory Smell [15]
Nictitating Membrane 2 [2]
Peripheral Vision [15]
Striker (Tail; Crushing; Clumsy, -2 to hit) [3]
Teeth (Sharp Teeth) [1]
Temperature Tolerance 3 (all hot) [3]
Scales [1]
Born Biter +3 [0]
Disturbing Voice [-10]
Social Stigma (Savage) [-10]

Optional TraitsEdit

High levels of Magic Resistance are extremely common among reptilians, as is Invisibility (Magic Senses). Scryguards can train their Magic Resistance to include Backlash, though usually only for a few levels.


Reptilians train and fight almost exclusively as light infantry, focusing on hit and run raids and fighting withdrawals to allow the rest of the tribe to flee to safety. Stand-up fights with orcs are futile.

Reptilians organize their most magically resistant tribesfolk into assassination teams. These teams, known as Scryguards, aggressively work to murder the orc priests and wizards. Without magical support for clean water and navigation, few orcs are willing to chase reptilians into the wastes they call homes.