Ogres serve as heavy foot soldiers of the Empire of Night, usually stationed at |regimental or legion headquarters. They rarely interact with the peasantry, but are the brutal monsters who massacre entire villages in response to uprisings.

Even outside of combat, Minotaurs are uneasy in the presence of ogres. Ogres, in turn, take extra delight in killing minotaurs.

Physical Description Edit

Ogres are 8-9' tall heavily built humanoids with long arms. They have wide, squashed noses and many have short, notional horns. Ogres skin tones tend toward a sage green-gray.

Ogre SocietyEdit

After Aisling recruited ogres into The Liberation Army, she found out more about ogres. No ogre remembers much about their childhood or any parents, but they all trained in the area around the Imperial Capitol before shipping east. Ogres all revere Dread Emperor Karsen as the All-Father, though whether that is literal or metaphorical is uncertain.

Racial Template Edit

Ogre [30 pts]
ST +10 (Size, -10%) [45]
IQ -2 [-30]
HT +2 [20]
Will -2 [-20]
SM +1 [-10]
Damage Resistance 3 (Tough Skin, -40%) [9]
Fearlessness 3 [6]
High Pain Threshold [10]

Determine an ogre’s height and weight from the Build Table (p. B18) by looking up ST before the racial modifier, increasing the associated height by 60%, and multiplying weight by five. The average ST 20 ogre is 8’5”-9’9” and 575-875 lbs. Ogres are badly stooped and considered SM +1 even if 9’+ tall.

Optional Traits Edit

About one in three ogres has Magic Resistance 2 [4]. Higher levels are rare.

Traits like Bad-Tempered, Bloodlust, Bully, Callous, Gluttony, and Sadism are common and many Ogres will have three or more. Some ogres have large enough horns to qualify as a Crushing Striker [5]; many ogres also have Intolerance (Minotaurs) in addition to their other winning personality traits.

About one in a hundred Ogres is born as a twisted freak, with no IQ or Will penalties and an Extra Head. Many are killed at birth but those who survive show a strong aptitude for Sorcery and always have Improved Magic Resistance 2. Racial template cost becomes 115 points.

Ogres in The Liberation have Social Stigma: Monster [-15], as the common peasant hates, fears, and distrusts them. They use the "Liberated Ogre" template which is worth 15 points.

Mass Combat NotesEdit

The Empire usually deploys ogres as ultraheavy infantry, wearing 215 lbs of armor that give them a net DR 17. Even ogres are weighed down by that much equipment (Medium encumbrance) and ultraheavy infantry are slow assault troops. They are used to break sieges and for other assaults against heavily defended, static targets.

Ogres in their heavy harness have Basic gear for ultraheavy infantry. Ogres without their armor do not qualify as ultraheavy infantry and should be treated as Poor gear Ogres.