Mengku was once a nation of contrasts: the sparsely populated plains of the south, the arid deserts of the east, and rocky hills of the north. No part of it was ever rich or densely populated.

In modern times, southern Mengku serves the Empire of Night as a massive horse ranch. The vast majority of Imperial cavalry ride horses raised in Mengku. The cattle raised on the plains also feeds the war effort. The hills in the north provide the foundries that sustain the war effort against the Dwarfen Safeholds to the east. The eastern desert is an empty land, sparsely populated by nomadic Reptilians that in quiet revolt against the Empire of Night.

Menkgu is bordered by Hanist to the south, Venrike to the southwest, the Dodenrike to the west, Gandabria to the north, the Dwarven Safeholds to the east, and Zerniless to the southeast. Despite its position as the center of the eastern Empire, only a single major road runs north-south on the western edge of the country. The great southern plains have little more than rough tracks connecting far-flung ranching settlements.

The Feume River runs north from Lake Orent and defines the western border of the country. It is not a navigable river, despite being fairly straight and smooth, because the exact location of the Dodenrike death zone is uncertain. The Tuin river runs southwest from its headwaters near Sushutaishy, is joined by the Spoza River from Gandabria, and joins the Zav River at Puttayos. The Zav runs west from its headwaters around Guwusay and meets the Feume in the northwest corner of the country. The Gohun rivers runs north into Lake Kalinazar in Gandabria.


Menkgu's total population is around 525,000, not including roughly 25,000 Reptilian tribals eking out a precarious existence in the desert. Half the population lives in the northern hills, especially in the river plains on the border with the Dodenrike. Another 150,000 live as herdsmen on the central plains, and 35,000 kobolds and 40,000 humans support the mines in the mountains claimed from the dwarves.

City Population Notes City Population Notes
Uran Padoru 15,000 Capitol; Legion Citadel of Toridy Jiman Urgamaloo 8000 North of Uran Padoru at the joining of two rivers
Darukhani 6000 in the north near Narvelmerna Shinstoo 5000 In the south; noted horse market

Military RecruitmentEdit

The following elements can be recruited in Mengku at these troop qualities:

Element Troop Quality Race Notes
Cataphracts Poor Human
Flying Heavy Cavalry Poor Human Requires finding Pegasii ranches, 2-4 elements per ranch
Heavy Cavalry Poor Human
Horse Archers Poor Human
Light Cavalry Poor Human
Medium Cavalry Poor Human
Reptilian Scryguard Average Reptilians No more than 125; must contact Reptilians in the desert first
Scout Cavalry Poor Human

Unlike neighboring Hanist, Menkgu has no strong tradition of Militia service or rebellion, and the southern steppes provide few places to train in hiding. The northern hills provide more places for secret training. Levies from the plains are Rabble+ with cavalry, while units from the northern hills are Rough Wardens+. Levies raised from the cities are Rabble.

The Reptilians of the deserts are in a constant battle against marauding orcs, and are very well trained. They start as Disarmed Irregulars; some of their Scryguard units are Good or even Crack.