The Orc legions of the Empire of Night have a reasonably flat command structure. The Liberation only knows of nine ranks (and three distinctions), but believes that the Luminals have a higher ranks used when coordinating multiple Legions.

Rank Name Position Grade Notes
Grand Marshal Senior commander of the Empire of Night 9 Hypothetical rank, presumably a Luminal
Marshal Commands multiple legions 8 Always a Luminal
General Legion Commander 7 Always a Luminal or Imperial Noble
Tusked Banner Taeza Senior Regiment Commander 6 Distinction used when several regiments operate together outside a legion
Banner Taeza Regiment Commander 6
Taeza Senior Officer 5 Staff or assistant commander
Pennant Zo Company Commander 4
Zo Leader of 50 3 Lieutenant equivalent
Tay Kunzo Leader of 20 Knights 2 Distinction among Tays; Responsible for overseeing the unit's paperwork
Tay Knight 2 Often used as a patrol commander
Color Kunzo Senior Leader of 20 1 Distinction; carries the Colors and acts as an advocate for the troops
Flag Kunzos are superior to Banner Kunzos are superior to Pennant Kunzos
Kunzo Leader of 20 1 Corporal or Sergeant equivalent
Tohay Soldier 0

All ranks above Kunzo are filled by knights, even when commanding an infantry force.

Goblins and Imps can rise to the rank of Pennant Zo, but the Banner Taeza of a wolfrider is always an Orc and Imp and demon regiments are usually commanded by an Imperial Noble. Formations of Ogres and Trolls always have Orcs as officers, though Ogres can be Kunzos.

Kobold units are commanded by an Orc or Goblin brevetted three grades, so a Kobold sapper company is commanded by a Kunzo. Commanding Kobolds is usually a punishment detail involving a reduction in pay, so the commanders tend to be subpar, even for Orcs.

Orc regiments will sometimes operate together under the unified command of a Tusked Banner Taeza, but companies from different regiments do not readily co-operate under lesser officers. Multiple Banner Taezas operating together while not under the command of a Tusked Banner Taeza do not coordinate well with each other.