Leanshees are a type of Fae, known for their supernatural beauty and charisma. Many serve the royalty and nobility of the Fae as heralds, ambassadors, and diplomats. While most fae nobility are immune to Leanshee influence, their guards and councilors often aren't, and a Leanshee can at least secure an audience to begin negotiations.

Nymphs are a bloodline of Leanshees, with rather more strident views on protecting the forest. They are not native to the Fae Court, but immigrated into the territory during the establishment of the Empire of Night.

Leanshees make up about 5% of the population of the Fae Court. They are generally considered gentry but have many noble families. By common agreement among the other Fae, Leanshee are not eligible for the throne and may not marry into the royal family.

Physical Traits Edit

Leanshees resemble stunningly attractive and charismatic human with slightly pointed ears. Their skin tones match the whole range of human tones, but Leanshees tend to be nut brown. Leanshees hair comes in more colors than human, and some blonds have green tinged hair and other Leanshees have light green hair.


Racial Template Edit

Leanshee [35]
Appearance (Transcendent; Universal, +25%) [25]
Charisma 5 [25]
Extra HT 1 (Affects HT, +0%) [10]
Faerie Mana Dependency [-25]

Optional Traits Edit

Leanshees tend to be hedonists at a minimum, and irresponsible party people at the worst. Compulsive Carousing, Lecherous, and Short Attention Span are common among Leanshees. On the positive side, many Leanshees have beautiful voices and the Voice advantage.

Nymphs add Code of Honor (Forest Protector) [-10], and Intolerance: Anyone involved in woodcutting, charcoal burning, etc. [-5]. The Nymph racial template is only 20 points.