Kobolds serve the Empire of Night as miners, and have a privileged position among the peasantry: they can use metal tools, and even wield them in war as sappers and engineers. They are otherwise as oppressed as any human farmer, and possibly more so as the Orcs are even more likely to casually kill them.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Kobolds are bipeds, standing roughly 4' tall. Their heads are doglike, with a pronounced snout. Their skin is made from thin scales and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Some people believe Kobolds are just a variety of Reptilians, though Kobolds hold themselves distinct.


Kobolds are peasants. The human peasantry think them disgusting and untrustworthy thieves and don't tolerate their presence. In The Liberation, kobolds work as miners and smiths, vital to the military effort, but still face severe prejudice and mistrust. Dwarfs consider Kobolds to be vermin on the scale of extremely large rats, and exterminate them mercilessly.

Kobold names are almost always single syllables, usually guttural at the front and ending with sibilants. Kobolds do not have a lot of variety in their names, but every Kobold seems to be able to distinguish between references to individual Kobolds that share the apparently same name. Non-Kobolds don't seem to learn this trick and Kobolds that spend a lot of time around humans get nicknames.

Racial TemplateEdit

Kobold [5]
Chummy [-5]
Cowardice (12 or less, *1) [-10]
Enhanced Dodge 1 [15]
Extra Hit Points 1 (Affects HP, +0%) [2]
Extra HT 1 (Affects HT, +0%) [10]
Night Vision 6 [6]
Perk: Ack! Me Dead! [1]
Reduced SM 1 [10]
Reduced ST 2 (Affects ST, +0%) [-10]
Scales [1]
Social Stigma (Vermin) [-15]

"Ack! Me Dead" gives a Kobold a +5 to Acting rolls to play dead in combat. Mechanically, this is Hyperspecialization (Acting to play dead in combat).

Determine Kobold height by looking up their ST without the racial modifier and subtracting 18". Look up the average weight for their ST without the racial modifier and halve it. A typical ST 8 Kobold is 3'9" to 4'7" and weighs between 65 and 90 lbs.

Optional TraitsEdit

Various phobias are very common in among Kobolds.

Mass Combat NotesEdit

Kobold units have the Night trait, and most have the Fragile trait. Kobolds in Imperial service are often Disloyal, but as they are severely outnumbered by orcs, they do not have an opportunity to rebel.

Kobolds usually serve as Light Infantry or Miners, and there are rumors of Kobold artillery units. Kobolds can serve in any type of unit in theory, but are hard to train to reasonable quality except for Miners.

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