Kaja Thoen is a human woman in her mid-thirties who was one of Finbar Gullvan's recruits to the latest incarnation of the Resistance. She served as the crew captain for "Finbar's Folly", the light ballista that was constructed in secret before the 17th Battle of Trones. She continued to serve with distinction through the early months of the Liberation War and transferred to Hortskink to take command of the garrison there in May 508 and was promoted Princeps Primorus. After feuding with Uster Vaipnesterk, she was promoted to Cohort Vertex in July 508 and sent to assist General Aisling Mhic Muiris on the southwestern front with Venrike, to Kaja's immense relief. As of early October 508 she commands one of the cohorts at Zerniless' northern border and is often breveted to Vertex Dux and given command of the 2nd Legion when a General isn't available.

Aisling passed her suit of magical armor to Kaja following the Third Resistance Battle at Hortskink.

Kaja is a solid and reliable officer. Like many Liberation officers, she takes inspiration from Consul Trahaern and Generals Aisling and Sven and prefers to inspire her troops from the front lines.

Game Mechanics
Good Quality Cohort Vertex
Gifted Commander: Lead from the Front
Come Out Swinging [1]
Outnumbered but not Outmatched [1]
Intelligence Analysis-12
Engineer (Artillery)-14