The Incarnate Hope were a group of demi-gods made flesh. They fought against Dread Lord Karsen before the establishment of the Empire of Night but were defeated.

The Resistance currently suspects that the God Wards were erected to keep the Incarnate Hope from returning to the world. The word of the Gods imply that only the Incarnate Hope can truly defeat Karsen.

The New IncarnationEdit

There is some evidence that the new leaders of the Resistance are reincarnations of the Incarnate Hope.

  • All of them have demonstrated incredible ability at Enchantment Through Deeds, enchanting items in a few a weeks that would have normally taken decades of service.
  • Nayla did not go through the testings inside the God Ward at Stinecrice. During the trials, she was ignored by the demons until she used her imbuement powers, at which point the demons claimed that "she could not be there as the wards still held" and then attacked her unmercifully. When the Gods spoke at the end of the trials and testings, she was not judged but was instead addressed separately, called "Harbinger" and "Mistress of South Wind". They said she had failed before and let darkness fall over the land but had been given another chance. As the fresco in the second testing showed a figure that was probably Karsen fighting a group of figures, including a female archer carrying a white asymmetric bow, there is some reason to believe that Nayla may the reincarnation of the Battle Maiden who originally created South Wind.