Goblins serve the Empire of Night as scouts, couriers, and skirmishers. A lone goblin archer riding a war wolf, carrying a message between Orc forts, is perhaps the only representative of the Empire that the Resistance can safely ambush, but doing so is still dangerous because of the threat of retribution and the fearsomeness of the wolf and rider.

Goblins are bullies, and don't like anyone taller than themselves. They like to prank, humiliate, and harm anyone who offends them. They are less likely to casually kill someone than the Orcs, but almost every peasant has been forced to kneel in the mud while a goblin uses him or her as footladder, or had their meal stolen from them and then casually tossed aside.

The Resistance has never seen a goblin baby or child.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Goblins look like short, muscular humans with green or grey skin and large, batlike ears that often flop over. They tend to have oversized noses that could sometimes be characterized as snouts but are often just very long and pointed.

Goblin SocietyEdit

Goblin society, like orcish society, is tied up with their military service. Goblins live with Orcs and ride under their banners and pennants, and identify to the Banner Taeza's symbol. When a full regiment or legion goes to war, goblins fight in companies under the command of their own Pennant Zo, but any larger formation is commanded by an Orc.

After Aisling recruited goblins into The Liberation Army, she found out more about goblins. No goblin remembers much about their childhood or any parents, but they all trained in the area around the Imperial Capitol before shipping east. Goblins all revere Dread Emperor Karsen as the All-Father, though whether that is literal or metaphorical is uncertain. Most goblins don't serve the Luminals willingly, but are coerced by their superiors and the threats of horrific punishment. That does not make them particularly willing to serve with the Liberation, because they expect the Liberation to fail horribly when the Luminals return and traitors will be crucified.

Goblin Racial TemplateEdit

Goblin [30]
ST +1 [5]
HP +1 [2]
Acute Vision +1 [2]
Infravision [10]
Reduced Consumption 1 (Cast-Iron Stomach -50%) [1]
Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +3 [10]
Sharp Teeth [1]
Dislikes Anyone Taller [-1].

Goblins are 1 foot shorter than a human of their same ST but weigh as much as a human of their height normally would (a typical goblin is about 4'9" and weighs about 90 lbs).

Optional TraitsEdit

Bully and Trickster are extremely common traits among goblins.

Goblins in The Liberation have Social Stigma: Monster [-15], as the common peasant hates, fears, and distrusts them. They use the "Liberated Goblin" template which is worth 15 points.

Although Goblins can navigate at night with their infravision, they are diurnal creatures and prefer to operate during the day.

Mass Combat NotesEdit

Goblin units have Night and reduce their Maintain costs $2K. They serve the Empire as Light Infantry and Wolfriders (Horse Archers) but could be trained for other rolls.