The Gilliedews are a type of Seelie Fae. Like most fae, they live among the trees of the forest, but unlike most fae, gilliedews live within the trees of the forests, as they can magically merge with trees.

Gilliedews have a wide range of personalities, though they tend to be anti-social and socially inept. Like most fae, they reward kindness with kindness, cruelty with cruelty.

They are somewhat common among the Fae, representing about 6% of the total population. Most Gilliedews are commoners, but they have gentry and nobles among them.

Physical Traits Edit

Gilliedews are Seelie Fae, and appear human from a distance. The ears, nose, chins and fingers of Gilliedews are long and pointed. Their skin tones range from a pale birch brown to a deep walnut brown, and they often have faint patterns of whorls running on their skin.


Racial Template Edit

Gilliedew [45 pts]
Charisma +1 [5]
Permeation (Living Wood; Can Carry Medium Objects +50%; Meld 1 +150%) [60]
Plant Empathy [5]
Speak With Plants [15]
Dependency (Sunlight, Daily) [-5]
Faerie Mana Dependency [-25]
Fragile (Combustible) [-5]
Unusual Biochemistry [-5]

Determine a gilliedew's height and weight from the Build Table (p. B18) but gilliedews are always skinny.

Optional Traits Edit

Many Gilliedews upgrade to Meld 2 for 30 CP and can enter a tree in one part of the forest and leave from a tree in a different part of the forest. They cannot cross more than 10 yards of open ground this way, though, so they can't instantly move to a new forest. Upgrading Speak with Plants with Sapience [6] is another common trait.

Hidebound, Loner, and Oblivious are common traits among Gilliedews.

Mass Combat Notes Edit

Gilliedews are an important part of the Fae Court's Ranger light infantry. Less physically active Gilliedews also serve as mages.