The flying boat is a large jollyboat with high gunwales and thick hardwood planking. During daylight, without rain or storm, it floats in the air and propels itself magically without sails or oars at about 50 mph. It can only propel itself at that speed for four hours a day before it sinks slowly to the ground and needs to be recharged by an equal amount of sunlight. In a pinch, it can zoom at up to 80 mph, but doing so exhausts the boat's energy four times as quickly and the roaring winds are extremely unpleasant and fatiguing for the passengers. The flying boat will not climb more than 200 feet above ground level.

It can also be used as a conventional boat, but it will not propel itself.

Anyone who falls from the boat is magically slowed just before impact with the ground. Each time this ability is used, a half hour of the boat's endurance is used up and must be recharged in sunlight. The boat can go into negative remaining endurance this way, and will sink to the ground in the same fashion if it does. If it goes into negative endurance, it needs to be fully recharged before it will fly again.

The boat has seats and restraints for six people, though eight could fit in a pinch. It cannot lift off the ground while holding more than 3000 lbs.

Travel in the boat is always tiring. At normal speeds, each hour of travel prevents resting and costs 1 FP. At maximum speed, each hour of travel costs 4 FP.

TL Vehicle ST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ DR Range Cost Locations Notes
3^ Flying Boat -/43 0/2 10f 10/25 (40) 2.1 1.5 +3 6 5 200 (80) $150K O 1' draft when used as a boat
Element TS Class Wt Mob Raise Maintain TL
Flying Boat (2) Rec, T1 2 Slow Air 150K 50K 3^

The boat doesn't count as Air or provide Air for its passengers, but if it is the only Slow Air unit involved in a reconnaissance contest or battle, the side with the boat gets a +1 bonus for Air. It does not provide this bonus if there are any Air or (Air) units on the other side and does not cancel enemy Air strength.