The Fae Courts are the independent nation of the Fae in the forests to the northeast of Zerniless. The western border of the Fae Courts are the mountains of the Dwarfen Safeholds, but the Fae Courts are not allied to the dwarf. Northwest of the Fae Courts are the mana-poor Savage Lands, unclaimed by man, dwarf, or fae.

Prior to 509 ANI, the Courts were not at war with the Empire of Night, but they existed at the dubious mercy of Dread Emperor Karsen. As long as the Courts kept to themselves and did not interfere with the Empire, the Empire would not destroy them. After the ascension of Queen Brangwen, the Fae Courts allied with The Liberation and went to war against the Empire.

In late 507, the rightful Queen sent out an ambassador to the Resistance of Hanist and other ambassadors to other lands. Ambassador Aisling was attacked enroute by Orcs, her bodyguards killed and her fine clothes and identification destroyed.

The Afon Dawel is the only river of note in the Fae Court, descending from the eastern slopes of the Safeholds past Plushly to the sea coast.


Around 140,000 Fae live in the forests of the Fae Court. Another 22000 Minotaurs farm the northeast peninsula and 8000 kobolds and dwarf refugees mine in the southeastern and western hills. All of them pay tribute to the Fae Queen but have no say in the governance of the Court.

Fianna Ard Mara serves as the capitol during the summer months, though the permanent population is barely large enough to support a twice weekly market. The fae nobles prefer to live among their beloved trees when not actively involved in resolving the business of government.

Pulshly is a Minotaur city of 5000 in the north central coast that ships food upriver to the dwarven miners in the nearby hills.


The Fae Courts are a monarchy, supported by a feudal aristocracy. The descendants of the fabled first rulers of the Fae, Oberron and Titiania, have controlled the Fae Courts for nearly 10,000 years. The King or Queen is advised by high nobles from almost every race among the Fae, plus several high office holders.

Court of CarysEdit

From 157 ANI to early 509 ANI, Carys Merch Oberon was the Queen of the Fae Courts and her heir apparent was Arwen Mac Oberon, Prince of Roses. The principal offices of the Queen's household were:

Elerina Fantur was secretly the Imperial Legate, a representative of the Empire of Night sent to monitor Fae activity.

Court of BrangwenEdit

Following Brangwen's ascension, many of the high officers of the Fae changed.

High NoblesEdit

Officially, the Fae Courts do not have a parliament. There are several high nobles who traditionally advise the King or Queen.

  • Keva Merch Titian, Aethela Merch Titian (Hifnewidew)
  • Sir Berian, Aethel Mac Oberron (Hifnewidew)
  • Brummel, Aethel of Silence (Catshee)
  • Derwin Mac Price, Aethel Mac Price (Banshee)
  • Lark Starfall Rose, Aethala of the Garden (Pixie)
  • Connor Mac Gabhun, Aethel East Pines (Gilliedew)
  • Angus Mac Morris, Thane Mac Morris (Dyngaffer)
  • Riona Merch Kirin, Thane Mac Kirin (Thondyn)
  • Erin Mhic Rhees, Thane Mac Rhees (Leanshee)
  • Sir Amfion Mac Pietheas, Thane Mac Pietheas (Cribog)
  • Dame Smotin Sout, Thane Sout. (Cushee)

There are no Leprechaun or Dynfarch high nobles.

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