The Resistance in Engenstut County knows almost nothing of Elfs. Legends speak of graceful practitioners of magic that lived in harmony with nature, but no one has seen an Elf for generations. In general, Elfs are believed to be a tribe of Tzavarim, though the Tzavarim themselves disagree. More learned people believe Elfs are a tribe of the Fae, but again, the Fae themselves disagree.

The most learned among the people of Hanist believe that Elfs are another race that live somewhere in the western forests, far across the continent, and hope that they still fight a guerrilla war against the Empire of Night.

With the liberation of the Black Library and Elverum, the leaders of The Liberation have come to the horrified suspicion that almost all Luminals and aristocrats of the Empire of Night are actually Elfs. There is a possibility that Dread Emperor Karsen may be an Elf, too.