The Dwarfen Safeholds are the deepfasts, the fabled fortresses of the Dwarfs, secure in the mountains in the northeast of the Empire of Night. They are under constant assault by orcs out of Menkgu and Gandabria, and to a lesser extent, Zerniless. The Fae Court lives to the east, beyond the mountains of the Dwarves but provides them no aid in the war.

The inner valley of the Safehold is mostly defined by the small Kazlinzaram lake in the south and the Buzrazaram lake in the north, connected by the Fur-uls river. The Atkatlian runs north from the Buzrazaram through the Khuhozbizar gap and into the Yeges Sea.


Imperial legions strike out from former dwarven fortifications at Narvelmarna, Sestiturin, and Thorvast, trying to isolate and overwhelm the dwarfen capitol at Tumunzahar. There is a secondary effort to drive for the surface city of Orocam and gain access to the inner sea between the mountain ranges. The tertiary effort from Verniless is supported in Michinowari, more to pin down dwarfen reinforcements than out of any expectation of driving the dwarven lines north and isolating them from the Fae Court.

The mountains of the safeholds have peaks up to 12,000 feet high. The central spines of the mountains are more than 7,000 feet high and generally impassable for military operations. The borders have generally stabilized along the spines, and the remaining fighting is focused on a few passes and some tunnels. The Empire attempts mining operations to outflank dwarven defenses or to expand the fighting front, but the Dwarves can usually counter those efforts.

Hex Count
Mountains 29
Hills 9
Plains 4

About 1/3rd of the population of the Safeholds are Minotaurs, the descendants of ancient refugees. About half of them live on the plains of the inner valley of the Safeholds. The rest are crammed uncomfortably into abandoned dwarfen halls in the mountains and hills. Minotaurs are not citizens of the Safeholds and have no real voice in its government.