Dragons are legendary creatures, often detailed in folk-tale and legend as beings unparalleled in magic and raw strength. Tales describe them as being quite diverse in both appearance and capabilities. Adult dragons are supposed to be four legged lizards the size of buildings, with strength to match, and power enough to make crushing a castle a whimsical task. Similarly, they are almost always extremely wealthy, keeping hoards of fabulous wealth away from the rest of the world, prompting many a tale of adventurers and knights going off in search of such treasure. 

Dragons are solitary creatures. There are a few legends that describe a pair of dragons living in the same lair. The scholars of Hanist believe that these very rare pairs of dragons were essentially mates. 

It has been theorized that dragons are a long-dead tribe of the Fae, but the Fae themselves disagree. Similarly, it has been thought that Orc at one point venerated dragons as gods or demi-gods, this because of the prevalence of dragon motif in their armor and weapons. Some people think that Reptilians or Kobolds are some kind of degenerate half-breed of dragons, but there's no evidence to support that.

The Resistance believes that some dragons have allied themselves with the Empire of Night. Finbar Gullvan has figured there is a huge amount of cattle being shipped into Menkgu, without a corresponding amount of manufactured goods, and worries about what the Empire might be deploying in the war against the Dwarfen Safeholds.

The Fae also have rumors of a great dragon in the Savage Lands but no proof.

Known DragonsEdit

Zarathras - This Wyrmling was oppressed by orcs and has allied with The Liberation for revenge.

Thaxosar - This adult dragon served as the Luminal Scather's steed. He was killed by the combined efforts of Sven, Ariana, Zarathras, Magnus, and Aetos Dios.