The original name of the Dodenrike is long forgotten. It was once the seat of a powerful empire that controlled Hanist, Venrike, Isenmarch, parts of modern Dorakarture, Humma, and Gandabria, and possibly parts of Menkgu and Majorosa. It was a hilly plateau running from Feume River in the east and north to the Thunder Bay of the Gray Sea in south. The western border was defined by the river that is now the Karduine in the north and the Ulb and Elsa Rivers in the south.

The Blesay langauge and Blesain scripts were created by the unknown empire in the Dodenrike.


Some time before the wars that founded the Empire of Night, the entire land was subject to a massive curse. Nothing can live in the Dodenrike, and anything that enters it dies soon enough. The boundary between Venrike or Menkgu and the Dodendrike is clear on the ground: on one side, green grass and living things, and on the other, perfectly preserved yet centuries old dead grass. The rivers that run along on the Dodenrike are not to safe for travel, as it is too easy to stray into the Dodenrike and die.

The exact cause, effects, and remedy for the curse on Dodenrike are unknown to scholars of magic among The Liberation. Presumably, sages and archmages among the Luminals know much more, but apparently are doing little to study it and nothing to counteract or reverse it. There is some evidence that Dread Emperor Karsen could move through the Dodenrike, as the God Wards were built after the Empire was established but one of them is located in the Dodenrike.

The Iter Magnartis runs from Ulvik in Hanist to the ruins of nameless city in the west Dodenrike, but the road has not been seriously maintained since the curse fell on the Dodenrike. The portion of the road past the Hexvud fortress in Venrike is not maintained, and only the skill of the original builders makes it passable at all. Similarly, the Iter Domum goes from Uran Padoru in Menkgu to Noiritaras in Dorakarture, but the central span of the bridge over the Feume has fallen.