Capitol CoupEdit

The Capitol Coup happened sometime in 507 ANI, when an unknown group of Luminals assassinated Dread Emperor Karsen. Imperial Princess Nima was unable to take her father's throne and Civil War erupted between rival factions among the Luminals.

The Civil WarEdit

Many of the Luminals mustered their local orcs into Legions and moved the capitol to fight for the throne. At least some of the Luminals in Zerniless, Menkgu, and Gandabria stayed behind to continue the war against the Dwarfen Safeholds.

The normal flow of Orc reinforcements and military supplies from the western half of the Empire of Night to the eastern half was disrupted by the Civil War.

The Resistance in Hanist took advantage of the absence of Orcs to launch a rebellion that led to the creation of The Liberation.