3% of the Fae Court population, mostly gentry and nobles.

Most people find Catshees more charming than Leanshees, but strong-willed people react to them normally.

Physical Traits Edit

Unseelie. Large talking cats.


Catshees are solitary and vain. They demand adulation and attention when they want it, and insist on solitude as soon as they have had their fill.

Racial TemplateEdit

Catshee []
Charisma +12 (Glamour: Will -4 to Resist -10%; Mana Dependent -10%) [48]
Fae Mana Dependency [-25]
Loner [-5]
Selfish [-5]

Optional Traits Edit

Bully and Sadism are common among Catshee.

Mass Combat Notes Edit

Catshees do not serve in the Fae military in an organized fashion because they are impossible to discipline. Some Catshees work as assassins.