5% of the Fae Court population, mostly gentry and nobles.

Physical Traits Edit

Seelie. Banshees look like slender, healthy humans, though they have pointed ears and white irises rimmed in black.


Racial TemplateEdit

Banshee [10]
HT +1 [10]
Acute Premonition Sense +1 [2]
Appearance: Handsome/Beautiful (Universal +25%) [15]
Precognition (One Event: Death and Destruction Only -40%; Mana Sensitive -10%) [13]
Fae Mana Dependency [-25]
Odious Racial Habit: Pretentious and Vague Prophesizing [-5]

Optional Traits Edit

Mass Combat Notes Edit

Banshees serve in the Fae military reserves as mages.}