The only thing I'm satisfied with are the costs of healing effects and damage effects. The overall concept is good but it still needs fixes.
Okay, it's probably better than the GURPS Magic Alchemy system because the costs, while not great, are at least systematic and approaching reasonable.
Since I keep refusing to spend brain sweat fixing it, it's been effectively replaced by New Potions.

Alchemy is the science of distilling the native magic essence that everything contains into concentrated forms that produce useful supernatural effects. Herb Lore is the art of processing and combining herbs to create poultices or drinks that produce minor supernatural effects.

Herb Lore is more limited than Alchemy, but a herbal solution to a problem is always cheaper than an alchemical solution, if herb lore can resolve the problem at all.

The Limits of Alchemy and Herb Lore Edit

Alchemy can produce some supernatural effects. It can transform the user, granting them a different form and related abilities. It can also augment the user without transforming them. However, alchemy cannot directly move the user, nor greatly augment his movement except through transformations. Alchemical augments are all internal, and cannot grant abilities that target someone other than the user, except through transformation.

Herb Lore cannot produce any overt supernatural effects. It cannot transform the user, and it can only augment the user within normal biological limits.

Neither alchemy nor herb lore can grant knowledge. They can each increase the user's general understanding or physical grace, but they can't teach an unknown skill.

Augment or Transformation Herb Lore Limit Alchemy Limit
Increase ST +5* +10*
Increase DX +3 +6
Increase IQ +2 +4
Increase Perception +2 +4
Increase Will +2 +4
Increase HT +3 +6
Increase Lifting ST +10* +20*
Increase Striking ST +5* +10*
Increase HP +5* +10*
Increase FP +3 +6
Increase Basic Speed +2 +3
Increase Basic Speed +3 +4
Increase an Acute Sense +2 +6
Damage Resistance +1 (Tough Skin) +5
Instantly heal the user No Up to 8 HP
Instantly recover HP Up to 3 FP Up to 4 FP
Instantly damage the user Up to 4d fatigue or toxic Up to 6d bu, cr ex, fatigue, or toxic
Provide any other non-exotic, non-supernatural advantage or disadvantage that doesn't alter the user's form Yes Yes
Provide any other non-exotic, non-supernatural advantage or disadvantage that alters the user's form No Through Transformation
Provide an exotic or supernatural advantage or disadvantage that only effects the user No Yes
Provide an exotic or supernatural advantage or disadvantage that effects others No Through Transformation
Transform the user into a new form No Yes
* Does not stack with other elixirs that increase the same trait; most effective elixir takes effect.

Prices of Elixirs Edit

Alchemicy and Herb Lore effects are stored in elixirs, usually potions or poultices, that can be stored and consumed as needed.

Elixirs have effects, duration, potencies, and cost. Cost is dependent of the effects, duration, potency, and the skill used to make the elixir.

Durations run on the range of instant, short (roughly 20 minutes), medium (roughly 3 hours), long (roughly a day), to very long (roughly a week).

Most elixirs take effect automatically, and have absolute potency. Cheaper elixirs can be resisted, and the potency provides a penalty to the HT check to resist.

The cost of an absolute elixir with a base cost, equal to the the sum of the absolute value of the advantages or disadvantages it provides. Multiply by $1.5 for an instant duration, $3 for a short duration, $10 for a medium duration, $30 for a long duration, or $100 for a very long duration. Multiple by 1 for an elixir with maximum potency, or (0.5 + 0.05 times the potency) for a less potent elixir. Finally, triple cost for an alchemy elixir.

Some effects have special costs:

Effect Herb Lore Base Cost Alchemy Base Cost
Damage (per point) 0.5 for tox, 2 for fatigue 0.5 for tox, 1 for cr ex or bu, 2 for for fatigue
Instant Healing (per point) N/A 5 per point up to 4, 10 per point up to 8
Instant FP Recovery (per point) 0.5* 0.5
Rapid Healing or Very Rapid Healing 0.5 or 2, respectively Normal Cost
Transform to new template N/A 15 + 1 per point of template cost
* Multiple elixirs within 1 hour cause 2 HP toxic injury each.

Normal elixirs weigh 0.5 lbs per dose.


For 5 times the cost, an elixir that only does damage can be made into a grenade with Area Effect 2 that weighs 1 lb.

For 20 times the cost, an elixir that only does damage can be made into a grand grenade with Area Effect 4 that weighs 4 lbs.

Sample Elixirs Edit

Name Effect Duration Potency Herb Lore Cost ($) Alchemy Cost ($)
Minor Healing Heals 4 HP injury instantly Instant Max N/A $90
Major Healing Heals 8 HP injury instantly Instant Max N/A $360
Recovery Gives Rapid Healing Very Long Max $50 $1500
Potent Recovery Gives Very Rapid Healing Very Long Max $300 $4500
Sleep Poison 4d fatigue (blood agent) Instant -5 $32 $95
Sleep Grenade 4d fatigue (blood agent) area 2 Instant -5 $160 $500
Alchemical Fire Grenade 1d bu area 2 Instant Max N/A $90
Strengthen Grants +3 ST Medium Max $150 $450
Major Strengthen Grants +10 ST Medium Max N/A $1500
Cat Eyes Grants Night Vision 9 Long Max $270 $810
See Without Light Grants Dark Vision Long Max N/A $2250
Great Eagle Form Become a Great Eagle (DF Allies p 7) Medium Max N/A $4260

Not completely broken, but still needs work.