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Fish has a few different forms in the game, each has its use.
Raw fish can be found in various Pirate camps and forts on tables. Fish can also be caught in fish traps.
None of forms of fish stack in your inventory.

Raw Fish

Can be eaten after cooking.

  • This item can go moldy

Cooked Fish

A Cooked Fish. Eating it will restore a medium amount of health and hunger.

  • +20 Health
  • +30 Hunger
  • This item can go moldy

Fish Dried

Dried Fish lasts longer than Cooked Fish, but reduces its nutritional value.

  • +15 Health
  • +15 Hunger

Fish Moldy

Moldy Fish has been stored for too long, consuming will damage your health. You can use this as bait for fish traps.

  • -10 Health
  • +10 Hunger