New Dawn Wiki

The player can build structures to protect them from harsh/unsafe weather as well as being a place to safeguard your items in. Buildings, such as teepees, can be relocated to other areas of the map. Other types of native buildings are permanently placed after crafting. Choose their location and orientation wisely as it will stay where you first place it.

While looting pirate chests, you may be lucky enough to get a book that teaches you how to build more modern and complex buildings, where you can be your own architect. From a small wooden home, to a large castle made of hard vulcanic rocks, you make your space after your liking. These are built in wood at first, then later can be upgraded to stone and lava, every time getting more and more resiliant to outside attacks.

You can also place lighting fixtures both inside and outside to provide you with comfort during the dark nights. outside nice lanterns decorate the side of your walls and inside , big chandeliers provide the light. Even candles on the walls of hallways can aid your movement at night.

You can also build sturdy fences and gates to keep unwanted visitors out, as well as add an additional layer of protection.